Ergan Mountain

Ergan Mountain Winter Sports and Eco-Tourism Center
Several ski slopes which include Turkey’s longest and different difficulty level take place  having an ideal quality of snowin the mountain.
While sliding, when Ergan’s spectacular images combine with to be hear excitement, a memorable holiday actualize.
Munzur mountain range located in the foothills 2,970 meters in height Ergan mountain winter sports and eco-tourism center, 12 km long ski slope with both winter tourism as well as other sports activities both with the nature of domestic and foreign tourists attract interest in.
Ergan mountain winter sports and eco-tourism center which is 2.970meters in height and locate in the foothills Munzur  roof of the world is a center of attraction, with 12 kilometer long ski slope both winter tourism and other sport activities as well its nature it draws attention tourists.
Ergan Mountain Winter Sports and Eco-Tourism Center which have Turkey’s the longest runaways will be inaugurate with Ergan International Alpine Skiing that wil be held on 22-24 february 2013.
Ergan Mountain Winter Sports and Eco-Tourism Center that have 12 kilometers track and can carry at the same time 450 people capacity are avencing rapidly to be ski center of the eastern Anatolia.
Ergan Mountain Winter Sports and Eco-Tourism Center except skiing have sufficent amount of field  will be made out of different sports and activities.
It will make a difference with appropriate hiking trail, to have the longest ski run of turkey and views of  Fırat valley from the thesis.
The other adventage of  Ergan mountain is close to the airport.
Ergan Mountain Winter Sports and Eco-Tourism Center are distance 12 minutes from the airport.
Double lane road transportation is provided by the median lighting and hot bituminous coating.
Consisting of two stages telesiyej system is set up in the Ergan Mountain Winter Sports and Eco-Tourism Center.
There is one daily accommodation in Ergan Mountain Winter Sports and Eco-Tourism Center.
The first stage of the ski area starts from 1740 meters altitude Ardıçlı lake is ending in a flat plateau with an altitude of 2340,in addition there is available 4 person buble chairlift system in 2362 meters lenght , accommodation centers in Erzincan serve for coming to the ski area.
Erzincan has possibilities of highway, railroad, airline.

Everyday fights are made from Atatürk Airport and Esenboğa airport to Erzincan with Pegasus airway, from Sabiha Gökçen Airport per week 4 days, with Sunexpress airway from Adnan Menderes Airport per week 2 days.

Ergan Mountain Winter Sports and Eco-Tourism Center and mountain ranges are open enjoy skiing. This feature is different from a lot of ski resort in the world, because a great many of natural slopes give opportunities to skiers.
In Ergan, fun activities can be found; sipping a hot coffee in cafes, you may watch around, you can come out on top with teleseyij, The thrill of skiing down from the summit,You can ski freely with passion against the wind.We will be pleased to see in Ergan mountain  ski lovers all over the world
Instead of skiing if you want to enjoy the beauties of Erzincan, you can explore to see all shades of green and white.
According to Turkish tradition ,barbecue pleasure is made in most ski resorts on the white snow.on the snow ,at wintry weather  temperature of barbecue ,coming out of the smoke on meats…. May be barbecue pleasure; neither custom nor tradition at most it is a pleasure that should be live.
 If you adrenaline addicts, if you love such as rafting, skiing, canoeing, paragliding and other natura sports or if you think a quiet peaceful holiday, to remain alone with nature you should visite to Erzincan.

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